What Atlanta-Area Homeowners Need to Know About PB-Based Plumbing

Indoor plumbing has been around in various forms for thousands of years, but it has only become widespread in certain places and relatively recent times. Indoor plumbing remains a rarity in some parts of the world, and even the most developed nations have only seen it spread to rural areas within the last century or so. While plumbing of this kind is now taken for granted by a great many people, it can still pose real dangers, as well.

In fact, one particular development that was once heralded as the greatest advance in the field for many years has since become widely recognized as a huge mistake. With many homes today still containing pipes made from the material in question, when it comes to polybutylene atlanta homeowners do well to understand all the issues.

What made polybutylene so attractive to builders and plumbers back when it was first introduced was the way the plastic material combined low cost with ease of installation and maintenance. Compared to copper pipes or those made of other materials, polybutylene tends to be fairly easy to work with, even to the point of allowing some connections and repairs to be made entirely by hand. The fact that it is based, like many other plastics, on byproducts of petroleum refinement also means that the raw material is inexpensive to purchase and turn into pipes.


Unfortunately, experience has shown that this particular form of plastic does not hold up as well to some sources of stress as might have been hoped. In particular, long-term exposure to the chlorine found in many municipal water supplies can make it extremely brittle, with cracks or even catastrophic failure often following, as a result. What can seem like a happy, structurally sound home can, therefore, be a place where a future plumbing disaster is lurking.

Many homeowners will, therefore, want to have plumbing of this kind replaced before such damage can occur. Because polybutylene pipe problems pipe replacement cost varies depending upon the scale of the home and the particular plumbing details, seeking out a quote from an experienced provider always makes the most sense.

Fortunately, the best of these experts have developed effective ways of minimizing the disruption that occurs through the replacement process, with some only shutting a home’s water off for as little as an hour or two before the work is done. That is good news for the many homes in the area that are still fitted with what was once regarded as an impressive advancement but has since been revealed to be something else.

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